When to take creatine monohydrate powder

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When to take creatine monohydrate powder


When to take creatine monohydrate powder ? The answer is one: after exercise. Why? Let me give you a few explanations.


Creatine is not a short term energizer. It must be set up as a deposit in the muscles. The mere fact that you take before and after your workout , won’t bring pluses after you take this supplement. There are opinions that in 1-2 days, the deposit of creatine from muscle will be consumed.


If you see a pre-workout supplement with creatine, once more check the ingredient list and try to identify which are actually stimulating of the box (caffeine, as a rule, in astronomical amounts). Brands are struggling to show they take creatine (the ones you are proposing supplemental creatine intra-workout are the lower stake). Are you sure you want to buy dozens of liters of caffeine with added creatine at triple the price and huge pressure on your heart and kidneys?

Everything, especially in bodybuilding, is related with insulin. This hormone is responsible for metabolism of anabolic deeply glucose from the bloodstream. Without insulin, glucose would float freely in the body which can lead to death. One of the roles of insulin is to “take over” the glycogen and it transmits to muscle cells , through cell receptors to be refilled cellular energy plants.


Coming back: after an intense workout, the reserves of glycogen are depleted. You have 30-45 minutes (the anabolic window) to replenish those reserves, otherwise the body entering the catabolism (muscle fiber dissolution) to replenish this energy. The first source to which the body turns it’s fibers. Here, through a process called gluconeogenesis is made, then when to take creatine monohydrate powder picturesynthesized into glycogen-used to rebuild reserves of energy.


Therefore after exercise , more important than whey isolate is the glucose that you can consume. The easiest is dextrose, a simple carbohydrate with a high glycemic index, so big that it stimulates the pancreas to inject an insulin spike useful muscles because ensure arrival at a cellular level of glucose metabolized from dextrose. Meantime with dextrose, take a shake with fast-absorbing protein (hydrolyzed), then your muscles get the nutrients for muscle reconstruction (amino acids).


In this way , the creatine may be a third party beneficiary of this energy/amino acids rapid transportation. That is why in your post-workout shakes, I recommend ad one serving of creatine (the amount varies depending on the goals, weight, etc.). A insulin spike cannot take place before the workout if you take creatine with water. If you do that, don’t expect to have super strength in the gym. There are studies that indicate increasing assimilation by up to 10% of the creatine if it is administered simultaneously with a source of glucose.

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