Top shoulder workouts for beginners

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Top shoulder workouts for beginners


In this article I’ll talk about top shoulder workouts for beginners . The shoulders are muscles that sure do you want to work because a solid and well developed hand,  actually starts at the shoulder. How we work the shoulders for a  great visually effect?


First of all, the shoulder has

3 regions (or heads): previously deltoid, middle (side) deltoid and posterior deltoid  (backwards). The exercises you need to do them are of two types: pushes (or press for lean body mass) and lateral raise that help define (dotted shoulders).


So, every time you workout the shoulders, there are a number of exercises that you recommend to make at first. These moves are made with a heavier weight and less reps. Soon after, pass on the exercises to define with more reps. You’ll do 4 sets per exercise with the break between 60 and 90 seconds.

Besides the shoulders you need to workout the trapezius muscle but will talk later about this. Let’s begin!


Lean muscle exercises


Press for posterior shoulder


In the case  I recommend doing 4 sets in the pyramid style  . You can start the first set with X that allows you to do 12 reps, then add 5 lbs and do 10 reps, then another 5 or 10 kg (depends on your physical strength and condition) and do 8 repetitions and last around 6 reps. You understand what I’m trying to tell you, Yes? Good! However, you have very great care to form in order to eliminate any risk of injury.

top shoulder workouts for beginners - Press

This exercise can be performed in several ways: the Smith (very good for beginners because you maintain a correct form) or with the Bank or standing. The image illustrates perfectly the need to do it.


It is extremely important to have a straight back. It also counts and outlet: when your arm is parallel to the ground, the arm and forearm should form a 90 degree angle. If you’ve got too narrow outlet  will working  the triceps more, and  if it’s too out there  your posterior deltoid   working  at full capacity.


What I recommend, is to leave the bar down until your each a trapezius (not  stop as illustrated in the picture below ). There are some people who are only half of the movement (as in the photo above) but for me such execution is incomplete.


If you can’t leave the bar so down due to certain problems, do not worry. Leave it how can you down and every time  tries to force a little. Slowly but surely you become more flexible and will manage to do the full movement (and in the future the result will be favorable).


Military Pressfor the front side  of deltoid


This exercise can also be performed in several ways. With device, with the bar sitting or standing. Hold your chest in the front, the back straight , don’t forget to make 90-degree angle about  I spoke earlier. The following image illustrates perfectly what I mean.

best exercise for shoulder- Military Press

Take care to breathe! Inspire to downhill, expire when you push. The resting period, it will be as mentioned above, something between 60 and 90 seconds.


Arnold Press with dumbbells

-(rotation-movement works all shoulder but put most pressure on lateral portion)
I recommend you to do on a bench with backrest high at approximately 90 degrees (can also stand alone but the Bank  maintain correct form). Also you have two options: either execute him individually with one hand or both at the same time.


When you have the dumbbell in your hands (I mean start position), your palms should be facing towards you. While lifting weights, you must execute the movement of rotation so that when you get up (final position), the Palms will be back to you. Follow carefully the image and you will realize what I mean .Making the correct movement, you will feel like you are working all over the shoulder from deltoid previously, the sideways and up to the posterior. In other words you are working all over the shoulder region.

top shoulder exercises - Arnold Press

Presswith dumbbells


When doing exercises with bar, normally you work area from the front or rear of the shoulder but with dumbbells you can work very good  the lateral shoulder. This move can be done on a device if you have something like this in your gym.

free weight shoulder workout - Press with dumbbells

I recommend here to do 4 sets with a break between 60 and 90 seconds


It is very important to  concentrate on all 3 parts oft he shoulder.  I am convinced that you want to look good from every angle and so pay attention to the portions of the shoulder which require an extra attention.


Okay, everything you showed so far was mass exercises. Follow me on the second part and   will present you  the exercises that will modeling your muscles.


Exercises that modeling muscles

Side lateral raise

-for lateral and anterior shoulder 

free weight shoulder workout - Side lateral raise

I don’t have much to say about this exercise because the photo is suggestive. Basically, the start position is seen in the main picture. You don’t have to do nothing but raise your arms as high. I recommend you do with weights that allows about 20 reps.


Barbell front raise

– for the front part of shoulder


This movement can be achieved with the bar (as in the picture), with dumbbells, or  the pulley sometimes. Take care to change the execution mode each workout because you have plenty of options. Use them all if you want to develop harmoniously! I always have to have your arms straight how long do movement and just like the above, I recommend about 15-20 reps.

best shoulder exercises - Barbell front raise

Bent over lateral raise

– for the  posterior shoulder


And this exercise can be done at the pulley, with dumbbells, disks or devices so change them every time you train. Picture being suggestive are convinced that you got the way of execution. Straight back! Keep it like that until you do 20 reps.

Bent over lateral raise shoulder-exercise

I finished with the presentation of exercises for shoulders but we’re not done with your workout. The next exercise is for the Trapezius.



Do not rotate your shoulders. The trapezius is working just by lifting the shoulders not by rotating them. If you do that, you will not risk to injury yourself. Take the weights in your hands (dumbbells, devices, disks, or bar loaded with weights) and raise your shoulders as high, close to the ears. It is the only correct way to work a trapezoid.


Trapezius exercises


Get a right bar with weights that allows to do 20 reps and then prepare your two disks or two dumbbells because you will make a super set. Start with the initial match exactly as in the picture. After you have finished, you have a maximum of 5 seconds to grab the dumbbell or disks and do 20 reps (as in small pictures).

exercise for trapezius muscle

As mentioned previously, just up the shoulders do not rotate.


Upright Row


This type of exercise can be executed with the bar ,dumbbell, pulley, etc.  Just take care do not to repeat the training because there are plenty of options. Take advantage of them!

shoulder width workout - Upright Row

Tip: Count the socket! As you close your hand, the more you work the muscles near the neck. The hands are more spread apart, so you work your shoulders more.


Also, take care to keep the elbows higher than your wrists (as pictured). In this exercise you can do 4 sets of 15 reps ,or if you want you can choose  pyramid style (ascending/ descending  the weights or reps) but never do less than 12 repetitions because it is more a move of modeling.


I submitted one of my workouts for shoulders .As you can see there are a lot of variations that you can do it so its worth trying them all.