Mainly benefits of taking dietary supplements

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Mainly benefits of taking dietary supplements

This article is about mainly benefits of taking dietary supplements . I’ll talk about what kind of supplements you need and when you need to take in order to get maximum results , because you muscle don’t grow in the gym (you need nutrients and rest).


What supplements should I buy, and when should take? The reason people ask this question is because there’s to much information on the internet about supplements. Although there are many companies producing nutritional supplements, the products are somewhat the same. There are only small differences in composition.


Beyond this, some companies are doing …money on your ass! Why? Because you’re uninformed! You see a guy at the beach which is well proportioned and defined and immediately you looking for a quick solution to get like him. You being fat and lazy…You don’t understand that behind his body It’s years of hard work plus strict diet and especially patience. You think you can get the same look pretty fast and you looking for the solution. You read the label of a product, do you think it will work wonders and help you look like the guy specified above (obviously you want it overnight).

It’s like when you meet a girl and just fall in love. There are studies that show that you can be left at any time but because you’re so in love. You don’t want to think that it can happen at any moment and instead of thinking logically, leave feelings to interfere. In this way you think all the shits that you want to hear, even your friends say they have seen Miss with someone else…


So that is the marketing strategy of supplements companies. I’ll give you this false sense that they have a magic product. They hope that through this technique will take your money Mainly benefits of taking dietary supplements banner(because you’re not informed and, you’re really naive). So commercials have appeared with “6 minutes per day for six pack”. Only 6 minutes?! (perhaps you say). It’s that easy. … But I tell you this : There are no shortcuts in life if you want to take.


The purpose of these companies is to obtain a big profit from uneducated people. They invade the market with all sorts of revolutionary new products. They know that you will not make any research and, only you will believe those slogans. “Build muscle mass stand for nothing!”, “Super abs with just a few minutes a day!”. If you think such affirmations, get out of the blog! Your plaMainly benefits of taking dietary supplements-be a championce is not here!


It is important to understand that the gym is only a process by which you create a need in the body. So that it will accept supplements and use them to grow stronger. So it works our body. There are 6 supplements which represents the basis and you have to use them (otherwise you’re punish yourself). There have been studies for a long time and proved that they have results.


The Basic supplements are : protein, creatine, l-glutamine, hmb, omega 3 and multivitamins. You have to use them every day. Good! Now that we have established that it is based on. But if you want to get or to lose weight there are other supplements that help you reach the goal, but those mentioned above are essential.


I’ll talk about each one , but before that there are two theories that I want to keep in mind.


  1. I said it already, your not increase the muscle in the gym! That’s all you need to know.


The gym helps to break up the muscle fibers (that’s why you have muscular pain) and as a result of this process is created the need for nutrients. For example, your body does not need to repair the leg bone than when you break. In this context, the body has a new priority, to rebuild the damaged tissue.


So you need to create a need for the body to repair the damaged area and thus becomMainly benefits of taking dietary supplements Universal Nutrition Animal M-Stak bannere stronger.


  1. Demand vs. supply. If there is no request of nutrients in the body then there is no need for them.


In other words, if you don’t make 110% physically effort in the gym , then your body no needs those nutrients ( you will eliminate the surplus nutrients). Literally you will get shit on your money…


Moreover, the nutrition is more important than the nutrient itself. But let’s see what it is about.


I said above the 6 essential supplements. These are divided into 4 categories. The first is pre-workout (prior to training), the second is post-workout (immediately after exercise), the third is recovering and the fourth recreation. These are times when you have to take the supplements mentioned above.