Great training program for massive legs

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Great training program for massive legs

Warning: the leg muscles are the strongest muscles in the body as well as the weaker ones at the same time, as long as it’s very simple to injury yourself when training this group. So , take much attention to the form of exercise.


Squat with bar

-(works the entire region of the foot)


A few things to note about this exercise. In downhill, I always recommend you to keep the chest forward and back straight (IE a little arched) and look towards a fixed point above your head.

Watch the 90-degree angle! Imagine that you have a seat on which you sit for a second before returning to the starting position. If you pass 90 degrees, you will put too much strain on the knee and it’s erroneous, you can get hurt yourself. If you still want to let yourself down, take care to use a lighter weight.


When you work your legs for muscle mass, the ideal angle is 90 degrees . Another important aspect is the position to return. Try to keep your feet a bit flexed and not impeccable inflexible, because you take all of the stress on the muscles. Also, the width of your feet should be spread apart as the shoulders. To work equally on foot, keep the tips straight (not inwards or outwards and pushing the heels).


The presently drawing below illustrates entirely what I have said so far so we are studying carefully the form.




Tip: If you want to isolate the inner portion of the leg, to the tips of the instructions to the outside. Instead, if you want to isolate the outer portion of the foot then you need to the peaks of the interior orientation. Keeping them straight (and shoulder width) you will work equally across the foot.


For variation you can use the smith machine. During you accomplish with the free bar is a higher risk injury . Instead, his work on this device is wider “secure”. I prefer to do it regularly with but if you’re at the beginning, use the apparatus until you learn the exercise mentioned above.



(exercise for the quadriceps, femoral biceps and buttocks)


This device keeps you form so you can power a bit longer. And here the same rules apply as above in terms of position ends. Do you want to work more than the insides? Then the tips of outward orientation. Maybe you want to work more than the outer side if you feel that is not so well developed.



The press of the feet is something worth mentioning. If you keep your feet further down the support pushed, you will work mostly quadriceps and if you have positioned above, you’ll feel more butt muscles. Finally, if you want all-in-one, then you put your feet in the middle. Don’t forget to keep your legs a little flexed (not fully stretched) when push



(works the front of the buttocks and quadriceps )


There are plenty of variations to this movement. You can do this exercise on the spot or going through the Hall (if you have the space). The distance between the feet a little less than shoulder length and take care that meanwhile you force down, to be on the same knee in line with your foot.



I still remember the next thing in order to avoid any kind of accident. If the top is longer in front of the knee too much force, and if it’s too back again is not good. Photo above illustrates how you should proceed.


Exercise for calves


This muscle you can work virtually at the end of each workout if you want. It’s like the abs if you think about it (I mean you use it daily) and not to answer than when stressed out over it and with larger weights.



For this exercise I recommend from 20 reps up. And here you can work certain areas of lower leg by simply amending the ends. In other words, if you keep the tips inward work more than the outside. If you have positioned outwards, will stress more the insides. And if the tips are straight then you work the whole region of the leg at the same intensity.


Furthermore, take care to make full movement and keep the back straight. Full motion in this context means to stretch as much as possible before muscle to lift the weight and when you get up (final position) is trying to hold it for a second.


If you choose to do 3 sets you could make him the first holding the tips of the second set with the tips outwards and the third with them inwards. In this way the surprise element and keep the muscle will grow.




It is an ideal exercise for the quadriceps isolation and I recommend you do more repetitions (20, perhaps 25). Too much to say I don’t have because it is an intuitive exercise. However, for a return as good, in the final position (when you have feet as in the picture), trying to keep it for a second, then goes down and repeat the movement controlled until you get 15, 20, 25 reps (what you can do, depending on the weight of your choice).


Stiff legged deadlifts

– (exercise for femoris biceps)


I must say that I feel pretty good this exercise and I recommend you try. Do you care to keep the back straight, shoulders back and chest out in front. The distance between the feet should be shoulder-width apart. It can also be less than that. Try and detect how your enjoying better.


The photo is suggestive and you can figure out how to be executed movement. Is relatively simple to execute this exercise for femoris biceps only to watch the shape and especially the weight used.


Dumbbell curls



In addition to being comfortable, this device helps shape/definition of the femoris biceps . Don’t spread your legs perfectly because there will be no pressure on your foot.


And here I recommend to do more reps. Controls movement both on the positive as well as negative so that you feel that sensation that you burn. In this way you will get the maximum out of your workout.



The legs are something special happens if I may say so. In general, when you train chest, back, etc., the next day you wake up with fever. After a good workout for the legs we do Months (for example), on Wednesday you will wake up with a “disability”. This is not bad actually. Basically, when you go to the bathroom you have to get hold of something before you put on the toilet (or toilet bowl to speak as it sound cool?).


I remember when I made a new exercise for the legs (more advanced and I talked about it here) .I never forget when I stumbled out of bed and I fell because I wasn’t expecting to have a fever. I started to laugh though, was funny.



Because the leg muscle is the largest in the body, your body will naturally release the testosterone will help recovery. The good part is that the other muscle groups will benefit from this hormone. You get the idea right?


There are many who neglected feet and frankly don’t look good from my point of view. It’s hard to achieve such a workout but it’s your body. Develop each group! In this way you will look good and you’ll feel the same way.


I have talked so far about the number of sets and reps. You can do 3-4 sets of 10 reps with the same weight or if you want you can try the pyramid style (ascending descending in the weights, reps). See how your feeling better. For defining exercises (shaper), as you have seen I have recommended between 20-25 reps. If you’re at the beginning and it’s further painful, then make at least 15.