Efficient Bulking Phase Strategy

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The most efficient bulking phase strategy  for all newbies

Bulking phase-refers to that period in which a person wants to grow in size, strength and weight without greatly increase the percentage of body fat. If you are to think, no one wants to be big and bloated, no forms.

Efficient bulking phase strategy is for those people who come to the gym every day, passing through progressive training, meet a certain routine cardio, take into account your diet and nutrition but also not neglect the recovery process (rest).

Bulking phase is only for people who have studied all these issues! When you have knowledge of the basis of the above, then you will be able to start the transformation process. I repeat, it is the most intense and the most strict! If you want, bulking phase-the most demanding type of diet-workout there is.

Everybody’s doing it but no one is doing it right!

When you start wrong this transformation process, creating an imbalance of one’s own health and you’ll

never be able to return to its original state. When I say this I mean fat cells (details later). However, weight loss is much simpler compared to bulking phase.

Bulking phase is a calculated way to increase muscle mass (increasing the actual dimensions), but without risk of weight makes you fat. The “art” of “the art of bulking phase” actually refers to the responsibility to ensure that at any time you need to know in which direction you are heading. There is a need to make small adjustments every day, if not every hour to be successful during this period.

So, sleep is crucial (recovery period), it should be kept in mind the number of calories (extremely important), during which give your body the nutrition it needs (crucial), etc. Going to talk about all a bit later.

There are 5 proven ideologies to be followed if you want to get to the final results. A very high risk of bulking phase is doubling, tripling, etc. fatty cells. When this happens, you will never get rid of them (I’ll explain later what it is about).

The biggest problem with bulking phase is actually the wrong mentality of most people. They often associate the word with the cold season bulking that eat everything falls into your hand. It is possible to not do anything that I’ve written so far but the end of this article I’m going to help you understand better. You might need to take notes! The more you know about bulking phase, the easier it will be to get where you proposed.


The mentality of bulking phase

It is the most unproductive because when approaching cold period (off season) people neglect diet. Like our body is physically, mentally and murdered does not work in a close contact. When something happens in one of the three mentioned (physical, mental or intimate) there was a domino effect and the other two reacts/suffer.

What I mean with this statement above is: when you have physical appearance desired by you (as defined and well proportioned) you realize that things happen otherwise as you have more confidence in yourself, there’s that connection between mind and body but because during the bulking phase you kinda fattening, the situation is no longer as good and thinking you are affected.

For example: you’re angry, you’re having a bad day, everything goes wrong but answer the phone and get good news. Maybe you got the job you want, and you’ve been accepted to College, you rang and didn’t like he does. Whatever it is, suddenly feel li

ke you live in and you think you’re physically able?!

Off season is for bodybuilders, I did not miss that! It’s basically their work, what they know to do better. A nice little company-bodybuilders who use drugs (steroids) in order to achieve the goal. That’s not our life, huh? It’s the life you want in any case?

No! Because opportunities don’t come in winter or in summer. In other words, there are more opportunities when it’s snowing outside or when everyone’s at the beach. Every day there are opportunities and this is not only valid but day and night. Basically we have to be ready to react at any time.

Because of that I personally don’t use the type off season. For me the bulking phase must be a stage in which to grow up in an acceptable proportion. That’s the real problem of bulking phase for a large part of the people-eating any winter and summer move on to cutting phase and keep to the diet because they go to the beach, can have a wedding and need to look good in a suit, etc.

Many people (including at the gym where I go I) accept the idea that in the off season can eat whatever and however because they are in the period of transformation (i.e. want to take weight and strength) and I see her at the summer how to reduce body fat percentage. To know that this way your life can quickly transforms into a shit and height, you accept it with a smile.

5 things that matter if you want to have success in bulking phase


  • The first rule

It is extremely important and most likely going to get confusing. You have no right to begin bulking phase until the body fat percentage did not come under 10%. If you’re over, you

simply do not have the right and it is not recommended to start!

I will explain further what does body fat (body fat). We all have come to this world with a genetic code what dictates the number of fat cells. In other words, some people are born with a smaller number of fat cells than other people

Talk about a huge number but for the sake of the example follows a to assume that John has 100 cells while Paul was born with 200. If the two practice the same activities and eat the same, Paul will have a tendency to store more fat than Jhon because it has a limited number of fat cells .

Metaphorically speaking, associate a cell with a greasy closet in the House. Or rather with drawers from the wardrobe in the bedroom. In other words, some people are born with just 10 drawers and others 30. The more you have drawers available, I don’t know why you’re predisposed to keep things that should actually thrown in the trash.

Sure you have heard of the expression “Spring Cleaning”. It is an annual thing where you throw all your clothes, objects, etc. that you no longer need and you’ve gathered during the year I do not know for what reason.

Body fat is fix the same thing. We established a number of cabinets with drawers when we are born and every time when we eat too much, excess is deposited. The good news is that when you have a small number of boxes, body scheduled to consume calories. On the other hand, if you regularly eat more than we need, the body will create another closet for storage.

Explanation to the assertion above.

A big fat cell size may three times, after which you will share in two. In other words, you start with 200 boxes according to the genetic code during childhood and parents give permission to eat anything, anytime, in any quantity and become obese at an early enough age. The 200 boxes have now turned in the 400. Eat again too much and can become 800

efficient bulking phase strategy rule number1 ( efficient bulking phase strategy for beginers)

or higher. Hope you understand the idea…

Time goes on, you realize that you want to lose weight and get into a final percentage of body fat below 10 percent. Although you are now in the shape of something happened. The number of boxes was not reduced even if now you are well proportioned and defined (that is, you did good spring). Once you have created a Cabinet, he will be there for the rest of your life and never go away!

Therefore, when you are bulking phase and eat more than you need, the excess will be stored in cabinets above. And if it’s too much to store, guess what: it creates another closet.

Example for a person with 100 boxes and another 400

Suppose that both have come to the percentage of fat less than 10%. The person who once was fat is more likely to get fat again because every time she eats too much, more than it needs, the surplus is stored.

For a person with fewer cabinets instead, even if they eat more than they need, the excess calories will be consumed by the body for all sorts of things but in the case of other body will have a tendency to keep the calories.

Obviously if you eat too much day after day, at some point, your body will no longer be able to burn calories so effective even if you’re a poor person and will begin to create cabinets to store surplus. Basically this makes bulking phase (if you don’t know how to control things) and I’m trying to tell you what you should do.

Remember this! Do not begin bulking phase until the percentage of body fat is not less than 10%. This philosophy makes the body to absorb nutrients and excess caloric helps increase muscle mass without being stored as fat.

A more detailed explanation.

Imagine your muscle mass as a damp sponge. In this context the muscles have the necessary nutrition, water, glycogen, etc. and you’re ready for your workout, all while you are in the gym but soon after you have consumed all the resources.

Now the sponge became dry. In other words, your muscles are hungry, ready to absorb anything because you worked really hard and you’re exhausted. Because of this, immediately after workout , your muscles absorb all the nutrients.

But if the sponge is already not overflow specially did a great workout, your body will not absorb so much. The rest will not be used but stored as FAT (i.e. a cupboard being created). You understand what I’m saying?

Basically, before you grab the bulking phase you have to create the same effect of sponge dry with the entire organism and this happens only after a period in which the diet was very strict. Only this way you can get the percentage of body fat.

A translation of all the language may sound something like: because your body has less than 10% body fat percentage, it can be paired with a dry sponge. In other words it can absorb all the nutrients that will use the recovery and growth. In this equation that matters a lot and intense workouts to be progressive, because in this way, your body will want more.

Instead, if you have 15-20% body fat, the moment you start bulking up phase of the sponge is not yet dry when whole chicken nutrition (although working intensively), will absorb very little rest being stored as fat.

Example for a person that starts with 7% body fat and another 20%

The first person will get more muscle mass than the second. Why? For the body of the person with 7% body fat will use all the nutrition for muscle . Instead, the other person will absorb less and the rest will be stored. You have to understand that!

A person with 20% body fat in this case will be more fat . Yes, it will be great but will create a dimension from which it will no longer escape moreover.

It is easy to understand that the transformation of the body is heavier than maintaining. But the rule does not apply to a person who has reached 150 kg in a final with a percentage of fat below 10 percent. Each day that the person will lead a battle with calories.

Why? Because when you will eat more than they need the will and bounds. Did I said above, lockers remain, are empty, but when you have more calories than you need the drawers become full.

It was a kinda long explanation so you need to recap what is most important.

Do not begin bulking phase than when you have less than 10% body fat! To know that there is no room for work guessed! Not only do you think you are under 10% body fat but you’ll see it.

The general rules of efficient bulking phase strategy :

If you look in the mirror and see the upper abdomen (4 squares) of probably 8-10% body fat, and if you see you all somewhere between 5% and 7% . Only now you can begin the process of transformation. But don’t you get after the mirror and measure yourself! View exactly where you are and then you start bulking phase (which usually lasts between 3 and 6 months).

I gotta be honest with you all the way and you may say one thing. You fatten up a bit but it will be in a controlled fashion. Furthermore, you will make measurements once every two weeks when you are bulking phase to ensure that adjustments will be needed.

If you start with the body fat of 7% and see that grows, then ok. But if the past 10% guess what ? Bulking phase for you is over! You don’t know how to control the calorie level. Stop because they don’t know how to be responsible. Come back again to the percent body fat below 10 percent, learn from mistakes and make changes where needed. Bulking phase does not mean that what you see is what you must eat.

There are rules for the number of calories you need, how many meals you should eat, the type of workout, I’ll talk about that later, but if you get past the 10% body fat, you are done! You can’t be a real player! You need to stop, come back to the diet, studying your mistakes, learn from them and then apply again. I know it sucks to go back two steps after you made one in front but I promise that if you proceed in this way, at the end you will get a lot more and that’s all that matters.

It’s not today or about her but about value investing today for tomorrow. Be smart, mind controls the body. If you don’t know what to do and you get after all over the world, you will always end up as a mediocre!


  • The second rule-the time for nutrition

efficient bulking phase strategy - nutrition time ( efficient bulking phase strategy for beginers)Before getting into the details, the technique in this article it is proven and it works but I don’t know if it will work for you. You must first try to ensure that you will find just the right answer for your need. Universal path for individual success was never possible. Your success is composed of certain elements that make you to be yourself.

You have to repeat, do not grow room! There need only create the body to absorb nutrients and grow with the rest to the desired size. It’s not about what you eat but also about what your body can digest. When you set these elements, only then get into war nutritional. During the nutrition is more important than nutrition.

In 2006 the “Universal” has conducted a study of 20 men. Each had the same diet, the same type of workout, same hours of sleep and the same cardio session. It was in a controlled fashion and under the scientists ‘ attention. The 20 people were divided into 2 groups of 10 people.

The first group (I say “group”) have a protein shake in the morning when he woke up and in the evening when he went to sleep. The second group (I say “Group B”) share the same protein shake but before training and right after. After two months of tests to come to a conclusion. People who used your protein shakes before and immediately after exercise were 5 times more force than men in group a.

All had the same diet, the same workout, cardio routine, etc. but the only variable protein was shipped in a certain time. This has resulted in such a development with 5 percent higher. In other words, everything was taken to another level and it was thus at a bulking phase that deliver results.

Before training has been used protein to maximize the effort and then after you have created the need for nutrients, again was used for the body protein needed and he was immediately delivered. The effort has returned so 110%.

For the other group was prepared to absorb body nutrients but has not delivered anything than at bedtime. Obviously the body has absorbed but not so much. Here is the key to success.

We have discussed about it now because when you talk about the rule of 4 and 5 is going to want to apply what you say. 1, 2 and 3 are general rules. 4 and 5 you will need to write because I go into a session of math and I can say that it’s frightening. Rules 4 and 5 make bulking phase so dangerous and yet so satisfying if you know how to control them.

Thus, the main rule is to have the percentage of fat less than 10%, and the second rule you during nutrition. Give the body everything as soon as you have created the need for absorption of nutrients. The third rule of training because you don’t want to get fat, you need to do cardio.


  • Rule three-cardio workout
    efficient bulking phase strategy - cardio ( efficient bulking phase strategy for beginers)

If bulking phase plan for 3 months, 4 months, 6 months (between 3 and 6 months in normal mode), the training will be split into weekly segments. The first 3 weeks you do routine (and there are a million don’t have routines to get into details). But let’s say you do like me: Monday-Tuesday-chest, back, shoulders, Wednesday-Thursday-Friday-arms, legs Saturday and Sunday take pause. It will look like week 1, 2, 3 and 4. The only difference is that the first three weeks are exactly the same: weight-maximum time few reps, rest between sets.

I’ll give you an example: the horizontal bar at the training threshold for chest. A to do Reps as follows: the first set of 12 reps, 10 reps, the third and the last 6 reps 8 reps. Or you can do 10, 8, 6, 4. Two minute break and repeat until you finish the 4 sets. Possibly you can make a dropset at the end. So will show you the first 3 weeks. The fourth change training and doing what I say as you burn fat in 3 weeks.

Will you do a cardio session, i.e. cardio workout. Will be the same routine but instead of 12, 10, 8, 6 reps with two minutes break in between, you will make 30, 30, 30, 30-45-60 seconds between sets. So you’ll always be disorienting muscles system.

Repeat the process between 3 and 6 months until you get to the finish line. By the way, have you seen likely that I have not mentioned the classic style of doing cardio (bike lane, etc.)! In bulking phase not doing cardio. At all! Cardio session coming in last month. Post-Office Maybe you can not do 30 reps. Put smaller weights until you succeed.

You have to breathe to replace CO2 with O2 and guess what: continues! It’s not going to be exhausted because you’re strong enough, no. It’s going to be exhausted because you endurance.

In the last week that you do, create muscle endurance while you burn more calories in the construction phase. All this contributes to success in bulking phase to ensure that the number of calories is not transformed into fat but used the growth and recovery. So you get to see in the mirror what you have proposed.

Now take a spreadsheet and write because I was talking about the number of tables and the number of calories per day.


  • Rule four-number of meals per day

The number of meals per day is based on the protein. I am not interested what training threshold, weight lifting or I am not interested how much cardio you are doing, I am not interested how many fat and carbs you consume or how much rest.

Nothing in the bulking phase does not produce more mass than protein. Preferable to take an amount a bit higher to make sure that the body ii arrives so the dose will be doubled. It is said that it takes 1 g/1 pound in the maintenance phase. Now you will use 1.5-2 g/1 pound every day how long bulking phase.

I’m going to assume further that you weigh 200 pounds (90 kg). If you think a bit about it, 1.5 g of protein per pound does 300 grams each day. If you go over 2 g/1 pound per day then you need 400 grams of protein every day.

But let’s say you choose the variant of 1,5 grams. Most people can absorb 40 g of protein at any given time, i.e. immediately after the gym. So 40 grams immediately after exercise and a total of 300 grams/day. 300 divided 40 = 7,5 meals a day. Boom! You found out that you need to eat 7-8 tables every day.

That shit with 5-6 meals every day you can ignore. In my opinion and a meal per day (which works for maintenance phase is a mess in this case) so do not be confused!

If you go to a meeting you put a costume on you, right? Not going in costume when you go to the beach. Adapt to the situation. Different diets and workouts produce some results so you can adapt to your need. You understand what I’m saying? You have to be more clever if people with average iq if you want to get results.

Since you know where you want to go and you have the correct information in mind, you are educated, then you can control the body to be more effective. For example there is no need to pass through walls to get out, you just have to open the door (I hope you understand the irony).

efficient bulking phase strategy - meal ( efficient bulking phase strategy for beginers)Good, I set how many meals do you need per day. As I said in another article, and the higher you go the more liquid meals even a body to absorb nutrients faster. When you create an application in the classroom, the body can absorb more if you offer and again I say it’s not what you eat but what digest your body.

I’m talking about here about 45 minutes anabolic window , immediately after the gym and if mass is liquid (protein shakes), digestion and is almost non-existent as nutrients go directly into muscles because there is no need for them. Your body can absorb more as you train harder and that’s why your workouts must be progressive in style. This will help you to grow together with the right nutrition and rest.

At first, your body will not be capable of it but by the time it begins to grow to have a need for more. If you choose solid mass, digestion will take a while and 45-minute window will close and so instead of being absorbed by 40 grams of protein will absorb only 20 and you get out at a loss.

So the mass of the liquid takes you to another level. There are many levels here and you can’t pass on all at once. To be taken one by one. Start with the base and after a themed game combination well add something else. Don’t try everything at once because it’s too far to optimistic.

Tables are divided like this: leave at least 90 minutes between them. Do not eat anything for 90 minutes and at the many 3 hours eating again. If you look a little to the equation and you do a calculation, 8 meals a day x 3 hours = 24 hours, meaning the whole day but I have to sleep, right?

So think about it: If you can eat liquid meals are basically once every 90 minutes. When you eat something solid you need 3 hours, for as long as is needed for digestion. You might need to set your alarm to eat during the night. By the way, what to eat then?

There are good foods and junk food but what matters the most is the time in which you eat these foods. In other words, carbohydrates and fibers produce gradual energy release are “good” nutrients and carbs simple sun “great”, right?

What overwrite this rule as I said above it’s time in which are you using nutrients mentioned. Soon after Hall not to take carbohydrates because they are “good” nutrients in a less favorable time. Then you need simple carbohydrates (which during the day are “paradise”)

So: If you wake up during the night to eat, you are entitled only to the casein protein that you mix with water and maybe some omega 3. Then fuck in bed and sleep.


  • Rule five-number of calories.efficient bulking phase strategy - calories ( efficient bulking phase strategy for beginers)

Here I’m going to talk about calories during the workout days and the number of calories during rest days. When you train you need 20-22 calories/pound and holidays between 14-16 calories/pound. So that is all.

Nutrients like amount will be as follows:

1.5-2 grams protein/pound/day

2-3 grams of carbohydrates per day/pound

1-1.5 grams fat/pound/day (to be good fats like fish oil)

This set of numbers represents a general rule but once every two weeks recalibrate the percentage of body fat to find out which direction you’re going to make adjustments if needed. If you start with the 6-7% body fat and you notice that you have exceeded the limit of 10% stop bulking phase to ensure that rations of 20-22 calories during your workout and 14-16 calories during lunch hour does not work for you.

Quitting until the moment you learn what’s going on in this phase because you have more calories than the body needs and what will happen if we don’t stop the time is as you fat. So it will require small adjustments and the numbers above you need to decrease.

All I have said so far is general theory and with its help you can form an overview. But until you get the answer for you learn from mistakes, not continue to repeat them. We all make mistakes but the winners (in this case those with an enviable body) does not repeat the mistakes of so quitting for a bulking phase and to learn to adjust quantities of carbohydrates and fats that you consume because they generally produce unwanted fat.

As I said, there’s the same way for everyone who wants to succeed and because of this you need to check and make adjustments along the way .