Easy abs training program

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 Easy abs training program


Abs training program will definitely be quite the most read section of the blog so I will try to be as explicit I can. I know you all want to have this area well refined and defined, but if you have the impression that doing just crunches will take results. The answer is … No! We all have these muscles but most have a layer of fat over.


If you want to have great abs then you need to reduce body fat below 10%-point! If at this point the percentage of body fat is 12, 15, 20% or more, you have no chance to see the “six pack” in the mirror. So diet plus training are related (a large proportion of the diet actually).

The wrong mentality of the society in which we live: If you have belly means you’re out of shape. A wrong statement from my point of view but in the end we live in times in which the image is all that matters. We no longer care about than what others say about us.


The most important function of the abs is not the Visual! When you make your chest workout what you think do you train in the same time? Mmm? Abs! Training for back? Then the abs and lumbar muscle woks also ( to maintain correct form). Another example: when going out on the street the whole abs maintain your posture. So, unless you have a strong stomach you can get injured when lifting weights. You have to understand that the abdomen and lumbar area are basics for your body! A house built on the rock will withstand storms, heavy rains, floods, etc., while the one on the sand will collapse in such conditions. Understand the inference?

Some useful information about the abs.

There are three parts that can be worked out: top, bottom and side walls.


In this article I’ll introduce you exercises that will work in each area, but before I give you a tip. If you go to the gym, after each workout (whether you work chest, back, legs, etc.), at the end you will do crunches in about 10-15 minutes without break (only short break will be from one exercise to another and it will be hard, I know). Sometimes I do crunches with weights, weight bench with bar, hanging etc. There are countless routines that you can create yourself. The idea is to always vary the exercises for the abs.


For example, today you can work only the upper part (let’s say). Choose three/four exercises and do them in the circuit. So do the first exercise (approx. 15-20 reps if you more resistance) then pass immediately to the second and then at last. Then immediately go back to the first, second, etc. This circuit you repeat 3 or 4 times.


Another day you can go on the same pattern, but this time include an exercise for upper abdomen, one for the inferior and lateral walls for last. Use your imagination and you will create exactly what you need for you.


It is one thing: your ABS can be worked every day if you want! These muscles, as I said above, I use on a daily basis. So you can always stress. Do you have time to do the exercises? No problem. In the evening before going to sleep do crunches for 10 minutes (it would be to have an empty stomach). Or laugh a lot because this activity work your abdominal muscles.


Straight leg

– (variations explained below)


An exercise that works the whole abdominal area but stressful especially the underside. It’s a bit hard exercise especially if you’ve never done so far but keep trying. Do 10-15 reps and control movement.

Abs training program -Straight-leg-exercise

Rise your knees to chest without balance (expires during this movement) because you will get all the pressure on the abdomen (lower legs controlled while inhaling). Do you want “6 packs”? Then clench your teeth and make the correct movement. Try to rise your legs up to the chest!


A more advanced version would be to keep performing the same movement your legs straight as in the picture above. It’s matters very much , to feel your abs not your feet (in this case, something you’re not doing well and you wasting your time).


Another variation is illustrated in the bottom right corner but this time you will work and lateral walls, which is very good (knees as above and this time).


Standard sit-ups


I recommend this practice to put legs under a fixed/toolbar support. This way you’ll have soles attached to the floor. Or sit like in the picture if you can. The fact is that now you will work the upper area of the abdomen.

Standard-sit-ups-exercise - Abs training program

Hold one aspect though. At some point, when you rise from the floor with your upper body, you will reach a point where you feel like the abs no longer works (is relax). I never pass that point. There is no more gravity makes the effect which means it does not work the abdominal region. Keep the tension on the abdomen during 10-15 reps and expire when your body up from the floor (inspiring the comeback and do not lie down to take a break, just touch the floor and you were raised there).


Do not put your hands behind your head. When you get tired, you will try to help you somehow and you will do nothing just cause problems of the neck (in time or who knows, maybe on the spot). I think you’ve seen many girls or guys who do crunches and pull with your hands when you no longer can. So No! Never! Put your hands crossed on his chest, the shoulders, forehead or ears. But never behind the head of the reason mentioned above.


Side twists

– (lateral walls of the abdomen works)


It would be like to have here the soles fixed to the floor (in the/support/partner) in order to focus only on the way of execution. Note however that a repeat is called when you first turn to the left and then to the right (or vice versa). So left-right = repeat a piece. And so on up to 10 or 15 or even 20 if they resist.

Side-twists-exercise - Abs training program

If your room is equiped you could do this exercise and to the device. You must find the solutions not excuses. You can try this movement with a disc in your hand (if you are a beginner, this is not the case now) or with a ball (if you get through one special room). The picture above illustrates very well the way of execution.


Right/left crunch

– (works superior abs and sidewall )


The movement is relatively simple or rather intuitive. More simply: your right elbow to left knee and your left elbow to your right knee. Photo 1 is the easiest (10-15 side) while 2 is more advanced version.

Right-left-crunch-exercise - Abs training program

If you choose to do the hardest part (2), you will turn and lower abdomen. The choice belongs to you. Test and see which works best for you.



– (work your upper abs)


Is exercise basics and easy to execute. Important is the fact that you have to keep constantly in tension your abs.

Crunches-exercise ( Abs training program )

A later version would be a little hard to get up the legs to the floor. View 2 from the photo above. But the most advanced version is called V-UPS. Well, I was hardly the first time but after a while when I get the strength I liked the increasingly more. Now I find it too easy.

Crunches-variation-exercise - Abs training program

When it comes to the crunch (or any other muscle group), come to the gym with a goal set in advance. Achieve your goal, leaves the gym confident because you went to finish what you’ve proposed and come back next time to continue progress.


If you’re the kind who wants everything too quickly you might exhaust her you the first day and tomorrow not to come to work. Take it slowly. The entire process is a marathon, not a sprint. Come to the gym, do your exercises, eats right and what needs and forces a bit next time. Either way you’ll have the abdomen overnight. But if you start now, I guarantee you in 4-5-6 months to have him. It depends on you.


Rocky leg lift

-(for the lower part of the abdomen)


Maybe you’ve seen the movie. Rocky was doing something like that. Picture is suggestive but I prefer to do it on a horizontal surface, inclined not like in the picture. You can try both versions anyway to see exactly what goes better.

Rocky-leg-lift-exercise ( Abs training program )

Abdominal wheel

– (works all the abdominal region)


For me it is the best exercise for crunches because you work including the anterior serratus muscle. At the same time it is very difficult to run but if you’ve got a bit of strength I say to try it. And if you don’t have this toy in the gym, no problem. Take a short bar and put one or two disks of 2.5 or 5 kg .

Abdominal-wheel-exercise - Abs training program

The photo illustrates perfectly the movement but I recommend you stretch a little more. The body must be as close to the floor (so not like on the picture).


Frog kicks

-(for lower abs)


You can do this exercise on the bench or on the floor. I usually do it on a bench.

Abs training program

What you have read up to this point, is a version more for beginners. Choose from what you have seen on the blog, test and create your best routine.

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