Best workout routine for big biceps

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Best workout routine for big biceps

Best workout routine for big  biceps – What you will see below, is one of my workouts for arms, and I recommend you do 4 sets for each exercise below. This type of workout you can do at the pyramid style (descending, ascending in reps in the weight used or the same number of reps with the same weight). In any case, after a simple calculation, in total there are 28 sets , so get ready mentally because you will feel some pain!


Also I will show you how to use sockets to work the inner or outer area of the biceps  muscle as well. If you don’t know by now, your bicep has two functions: the first is the lifting arm and the second is the rotation. So, today you will learn some useful things.


The training that you introduce him further always exchange it. Every time I work this muscle, do different exercises. In this way keep the surprise for the body and each time your biceps will grow. When your body doesn’t expect to exercise that is going to do, force it to adapt to new situations. These changes, leading eventually to the desired  muscle mass increase.

When I say that I change my workout every time I’m not referring to major changes. For example the curl that use  is sometimes  the right, sometimes curved bar with the two available sockets. Or, use dumbbells instead of the pulley. He’s right that once or twice in a month I do supersets. This way I do not repeat the training. I think you understand what I mean …. you’re smart enough.


I said it and I repeat it, if you do the same workout every day, your body will get used and this affects your end goal (i.e. increase the biceps). OK, to start training but first take a naked bar and make your heating (low weight, number of reps). Watch your heat including otherwise you’ll get injured wrists (or second you will wake up with aches and pains).


Biceps curl with straight bar


In this exercise we recommend that outlet to be shoulder length (maybe a bit wider). In this way you will work both ends of the biceps. If you choose the pyramid style, you can make 12, 10, 8, 6 reps while you increase the weight used. Instead, if you want, you can do 4 sets of 10-12 reps with the same weight. Watch the shape of your back to be straight. If you tend to arc back, stop because the weight you use is higher than the power you have.


Things are as follows: the correct form, tempo (how slow up/let down the bar) and then the weight. Always in that order! Moreover, the break between sets to be between 60-90 seconds. The photo below illustrates how the execute the movements.


Note: when the outlet is wider than shoulder length (see bottom right), put more pressure on the long end of the biceps (meaning the inner portion of the arm). If the outlet is more narrow than shoulder-width apart  ,then working more shorter part (outer part). And obviously, if the socket is the same with shoulder length, guess what? … exactly, working  both ends!


Flex device with narrow outlet


In the first exercise, I used the right to work both ends of the biceps but now you’re going to use a narrow outlet (shorter than shoulder length) to work the outer area of the arm. Furthermore, take care that the support to fix fault under arms because this is the correct form! Otherwise you’ll have a tendency to cheat by involving the shoulders.


As you can see in the picture below, the toolbar is designed to be used in many ways. You basically have to catch up in the area where begins the “V”. I’m sorry that you’ve found a more suggestive but you get the idea.


Controls movement and stretches his hand as much as possible, close to the maximum (but not completely because your biceps will keep you weight but your tendons). Only in this way will work all the muscle so keep in mind this advice!


Alternate dumbbell curls with dumbbells


It’s time to work and movement of rotation and the weights are ideal for this. You can do this exercise from legs or just like in the picture. Watch out though if you choose the first option of execution.  Straight back like I said!


Hammer dumbbell curls with dumbbells


This motion is neutral outlet because the thumb is above than the mini, you will work the brachial muscle and forearm. It is important for this exercise if you want to have a harmonious hand developed. Also the weight should be erected in the middle of the chest , as shown in the picture.


Upper pulley Flex

Upper pulley Flex

Is a modeling/defining and I recommend you do 15-20 reps per set. Grab handles of pulley and make a small step forward. When you pull the hardships, his hands must reach behind the ears. The photo illustrates the perfect exercise. Remember  the next thing: the arms have to be stretched in the start position and try to block your elbows.


Dumbbells concentrates with Dumbbell curls


I prefer to do these dumbbell curls with dumbbells concentrates from its use without knee bent to maintain correct form (see Arnold). Instead, you can do exactly as in the picture below (the main) especially if you are from the beginning (do not help with the knee for pushing ). Execution of this movement  is more complex and you can cheat in various ways without you realize.

Dumbbells-concentrates with Dumbbell curls

It should be noted that it is an exercise for defining and just as I said earlier, it is necessary to do more reps(15-20). Besides the large number of reps, as soon as you are done with the right arm, you start at the left and then right and so on. In other words, you will not get the break at all and you only do three sets one after another. 3 on a hand  3 on the other hand. Or if you want you can do 4 sets with a break as I explained at the beginning. The decision belongs to you.


21 exercise


Exactly this is called. The first large set consists of 3 small sets of 7 reps and I recommend the “Z” bar for this final exercise (because so far I have only used the right bar ). It’s kind a difficult to do if you pulled hard from earlier exercises but will make you look good. Do 3-4 large sets (so in total there are 63-84 reps).

21 exercise

In the picture (I think) you can figure out how the execution of the movement and why says “21”. In Figure 1 the movement is only half (from A to B- 7 reps). Immediately, without a break, in Figure 2 is executed and the other half (from B to C — other 7reps) and in Figure 3 is full movement (from A to C-last 7 reps). That’s why it’s called 21.