Best triceps workouts for mass and definition

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Best triceps workouts for mass and definition

Before talking about exercises for the triceps, to tell you a few things first on this muscles. First triceps has three heads: the lateral, medial and long (the highest). So you have to work all three heads of the triceps for a fully developed arm. Secondly you need to do weight exercises (which involves all three heads) and after exercise to define for each region. Also, a certain side of the triceps can be activated depending on the outlet used and the type of movement (ie pushed or flexion). I’ll talk about all these issues a little later.

However, remember that you have already worked triceps muscle on the chest and shoulders. If you did not know already, it is secondary group. Usually I work triceps and biceps after I finish with about once a month come to the gym and work just triceps. As the number of reps I recommend between 10-15 and 3 or 4 sets per exercise.

Size dictates triceps arms

If you want to have a big hand, then you need to train your triceps muscles because this represents 70% of the arm muscles.

Press the bar – narrow outlet

– (hands close)

This exercise works your triceps ends of all three and put pressure on most area near the elbow. Some people can not keep his hands side by side because he missed wrists when the bar down on his chest. If you feel the same, then distances less hands (as shown below) but no more than shoulder width because otherwise you will work your triceps.

Press the bar - narrow outlet

The bar in the descent, must come below the chest and elbows at your sides! It is very important that the correct form of exercise. However, in the case of muscle you could do 12, 10, 8, 6 reps (low number of repetitions while increasing the weight used). As a variation, especially if you are a beginner, Smith uses the appliance out because you maintain correct form and you can just concentrate on triceps.

French press with dumbbell

It is a movement that uses all three ends again but put more stress on the long end (located on the inner side of the arm). Alternatively, you can perform the exercise standing or sitting.


And here you need to have your elbows as close to triceps work at full capacity. If you have too wide, then the weight will be taken over by other muscles and if you come to the gym triceps, triceps work then!

Extensions slept with Z bar

– (also called the Skull Crushers)

The name is chosen well enough (I mean that in English). If you do not exercise it properly, or you’ll put too much weight, you risk so watch your head break and let pride during admission. You did not workout for girls!


In any event this exercise is to table, you work all three heads and I recommend you have a partner near you just in case.

After you finish with the extension bar not to let down! Fa still pushed 12 to 15 repetitions (see exercise 1). I hope you understand what I mean: 10 repetitions with partner curls back for help if you need it and immediately pushed that to exercise 1. elbows as close!

Pushups parallel


Yes, it is all an exercise for the triceps muscle. If you have more power, you can use a weight belt.

The mode of execution illustrated image. As you can see, when forearm arm and formed 90 degree angle and push stop. I recommend not to go below the shoulders so that you will feel. In any case you get inside this chest exercise.

Tip: any narrow outlet pushed, waving in parallel, etc., working muscles of the lower triceps area (ie region nearest the elbow) while extensions (eg, skull crushers) works for the superior muscle mass triceps (ie approaching the shoulder region).


As I said above, all exercises of mass / strength triceps (or any other muscle) will do to start training. Then when energy is declining, proceed to defining exercises / striation.

Note: the pulley exercise will work the upper triceps but will enable certain heads per bar used, setting and execution mode.

When the thumb is higher than the low (when using bar V), work side end. If the palms face down when you grab a straight bar, you work the greater part of the triceps (the interior). If palms are reversed, face up when you grab bar right triceps work longer median.

Triceps extensions with bar V

Every time you do this exercise, you’ll keep your elbows against your body. ALWAYS! Do not move from there!


I recommend 15 to 20 reps with V bar (I’ve not found another suggestive picture but you get the idea). It is a scoping exercise so it uses less heavy and enjoy the burning (means you work the muscle). A good variation is a rope so I recommend you try next time.

Extensions with straight bar

– (palms up)

Extensions-with-straight-bar-(palms up)

As I said in the note above, this exercise works the triceps more than the median. So I recommend here, to do 15 to 20 reps keeping your elbows against your body.


It’s all an extension, median and creates works that end “horse effect” which is very interesting that aspect. It can run on the pulley or variation of dumbbells.


It was training for triceps that you recommend it especially if you are starting out and do not really have any idea what to do. Leave me a message if you need further information and … keep up the work!