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Whey Protein Gold Standard Review

I will make a short review for whey protein gold standard. For this , i will present the following elements:

The taste

I’m not a huge fan of chocolate , but I decided to give a try the chocolate flavor . I was pleasantly surprised by the reach taste of chocolate milk . As I said earlier , I’m not a big fan of chocolate , but I can say that the taste of chocolate Whey Protein Gold Standard is pretty good and enjoyable . Other big plus from my point of view , is the little quantity of sugar and fat .

I award this product a score of 8/10 ( for the reasons mentioned above)


Texture and mixability

Instead of use a shaker , I blended this protein for a few seconds , with great results . For my previous experiences , I took more time with other proteins to achieve this .

Because this facts , I will award this product with a score of 8/10 .


The effectiveness

It is usually very difficult to observe the overall effectiveness of any protein supplements . The simple reason is , that this kind of supplements don’t have a noticeable effect right way ( unlike pre-workout and creatine ) .


Definitely , the main purpose of this dietary supplement is to fill out your calorie intake .You can use as Meal-Replacement when you don’t have time to eat .Whey Protein Gold Standard

My opinion is that such kind of supplements , is much better to use instead of other unhealthy meals . This fact will make your body much healthier and stronger .

I can say that , since I started to train on the regular basis , the protein shakes is the essential part of my daily nutrition plan .

I think that is shame to lose such a great advantage, that it provides the protein shakes .


I have tried many other flavors to : vanilla ( my favorite ) , cookies n’ cream , Moca Cappuccino and chocolate . All the variants have a great taste (even the chocolate) .

It is good to note that the Whey Protein Gold Standard , have a high concentrate of protein per scoop ( on a 32g scoop we have 24g of protein) . Because the little amount of fat and sugar , I think that this product make a serious competition to the other products of this type .

Although the taste is not perfect , I don’t have any big objections regarding this .

That’s why I award Whey Protein Gold Standard and overall score of 9/10 .